Literature On Corporate Social Responsibility

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Discussion The recent paper provides thorough analyses on the literature on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Collection of articles from the period of 2004-2012 offers the most update development of knowledge pertinent to this particular topic. Several limitation to the paper, however, is discernible. First, the paper excludes the article from the most recent period of 2103-2014. The condition can potentially bring adverse impact. One of which is that the analyses on the recent paper may not be complete and comprehensive as the most recent update of information pertaining to CSR that comes from that certain period, and as such may provide some important data, may not be well-addressed in the analyses. Second, as I focused on the selection of articles from the North America big Journal, articles from other sources may not be well represented. Third, the recent paper applies procedure that make the most use of the search engine for literature. As a result, the list that is available for analyses is merely the outcome of the search engine. Further, it may bring adverse consequence such as the inclusion of self-citation on the calculation of the citation rate. The selection procedure used in the recent paper may have some limitations; however, as previous research had proven, the use of most cited articles in the analyses brings several advantages to enhancement of our knowledge in the particular field. One of which is that such condition can provide the highest quality
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