Literature Questions and Answers

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Question #1: The poem was written by Lord Byron, the form of the poem is ottava rima. Specifically this rhyming stanza is usually used when discussing heroes; this was something that Lord Byron did. It consists of eight iambic lines, usually iambic pentameters. The poem was written as a response to Robert Southey’s A Vision of Judgment. Much of what we read in the first half of this class was based on satirical works, and this poem is no different as it is a satirical work as well. It is typical of Lord Byron because he usually writes a lot of hero poems, after all he does have the name Byronic hero. Question #2: The passage that you have for us in this question talks about the poet being able to feel all of these things. Basically looking at things with a new eye, uncovering the freshness of things old. Having a judgment that is relaxed and not too critical, but just critical enough to uncover certain things. The last line resonated the most with me in discussing Kubla Khan, “our admiration of the poet to our sympathy with the poetry.” In lines 42-54 this is exactly what is happening. We are relating to what the poet is hearing. This revival of music, even though we think it is the speakers thoughts we get a deeper sense that all of these things are what Coleridge wants to happen. The words that he uses, they are not normal of a speaker in a poem, Coleridge is using certain words to hint that a lot of times poets are expressing their own thoughts and feelings in
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