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Literature Search Paper 1 Running head: LITERATURE SEARCH PAPER Literature Search Paper Misty S. Davis The University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Nursing Literature Search Paper 2 Literature Search Paper Research allows an individual to investigate a subject in order to discover facts and theories. The facts learned from the research are applied to his or her everyday use. There are various databases found that assists with research, however not all provide researched and scientific data. As a baccalaureateprepared nurse, it is critical to use a database that provides scientific data in means of articles and journals. The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Applied Health (CINAHL) is a comprehensive database search…show more content…
The search results were somehow limited. It was apparent that my search was not providing me with relevant data, so I then changed my keyword to “handwashing” where I found 3,087 Literature Search Paper 3 articles. Again, the search was very limited. Realizing the need to narrow the search, I then used the CINAHL Subject Headings as a component for my search. Subject Heading Search Keeping note that the keyword retrieval left me with 3,087 articles, I then used CINAHL Headings for my search. The CINAHL Heading search allows the search of literature with certain terms desired in the references. By typing “hand washing” under the CINAHL Heading and browsed, I was given terms that were related to hand washing. The terms were ranked based on the relevancy of importance related to the subject. Handwashing was the first term found and by clicking on its link, I was taken to a term detailed screen. Listed was handwashing under the “Tree View” terms, which are hierarchy groupings of subject headings. The subheadings were also found here. I chose handwashing and infection control. By clicking on the subheadings and the “Explode” link, I then gained access to articles that contained terms about handwashing or infection control. The “Explode” link is thought of as an operators of “OR”. It is used to find articles containing the keyword or other words as chosen. Once I exploded handwashing with infection control, I found myself with 1,626 articles
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