Literature Review : A Research Essay

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In order to better understand the topic of a discussion, a literature review is conducted. The literature review enables the researcher to look at different publications and researches, and to compare and contrast some of the major findings, outcomes, opinions, concepts, and ideas in order to better understand the topic or phenomenon under research. Through literature review, it is possible to better understand a given phenomenon and to positively deal with personal biases, inconsistencies, and irregularities. By looking at a wide array of sources, the researcher can familiarize herself with new findings, processes, observations, and perspectives, leading to a more accurate, reliable, valid, and authentic research process. Literature review plays an important role in aiding a researcher to achieve better outcomes by arranging his study in line with current trends. The literature review also gives the researcher some ideas about what to expect in their personal researches so that they can be better prepared for the study. 2.2 Technological Developments and Social Networking Sites When Hartshorne, Ajjan, and Cao (2016) conducted their study, they observed that there has been a significant increase in the number of social networking websites today. Indeed, Jacobsen and Forste (2011) argue that social networking websites have become an international phenomenon in recent years, with many individuals, especially teens and young adults becoming obsessed and addicted to this
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