Literature Review.. According To The Canadian Nurses Association,

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Literature Review According to the Canadian Nurses Association, limited research and clinical evidence exist on the effectiveness of nursing care delivery models across the continuum of care (2010). A literature review consisting of empirical and theoretical research was conducted to gain insight into three specific models of nursing care: primary nursing, total patient care nursing, and team nursing. The literature pertaining to each model will be explored first, followed by a comparison of the models themselves. Primary (SAM) The two central premises of Primary Nursing are relationship building and rapport. Payne & Steakley (2015) explain this, and how successful relationship building depends on frequent, recurring…show more content…
As previously mentioned, primary nursing care predicted a higher patient perception of individualized care. The same study by Suhonen et al., (2007) found that increased staffing or skill mix failed to predict the same. They concluded that an improvement in the quality of the nurse-patient relationship facilitates a patient 's’ perception of individualized care, rather than increased staffing or skill mix. Payne & Steakley (2015) also concluded that establishing this model of care could maximize the benefit of the hospitalization and potentially reduce the incidence of readmission. Total Patient Care Total patient care is the oldest method of patient care organization and within this system, each nurse assumes total responsibility for patient care. As cited in Fernandez et al. (2010), this model is best suited to a workplace consisting of all registered nurses and as a result, its use is slowly declining. This study identifies the advantages of this model as the potential for patients to be involved in decisions regarding their care, and that patients’ progress can be easily evaluated. Additional responsibilities, including being a mentor, preceptor, and supporter of new nurses, are generally avoided. While these decreased responsibilities could mean less stress in the workplace, it could potentially lead to new graduates receiving patients for care that
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