Literature Review Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review
Bader, Eleanor J. “Physical Education Takes a Hit: Schools' Emphasis on Testing Is Making Kids Sick.” Truthout, 6 May 2015, Accessed 3 June 2017. In this news article, physical education (PE) cuts across America are brought to light, and many professionals are interviewed where their knowledge of the subject is shared. A professional, interviewed by Bader stated, “There is a link between physical activity, brain development and achievement. We're using this fact to push for returning physical activity to schools.” There is a substantial number of interviews, facts, and news found within this article which is why I think it is beneficial to my paper.
Lorenz, Kent A, et al. “Does Fitness Make the Grade? The Relationship between Elementary Students, Physical Fitness and Academic Grades.” Health Education Journal, vol. 76, no. 3, 21 Oct. 2016, pp. 302–312., doi:10.1177/0017896916672898. In this journal article, a study on the relationship between physical fitness and teacher-assigned grades is evaluated. According to the study, “Positive associations exist between physical fitness and academic performance.” This study will play a role in my paper by providing statistics from regular fitness tests in PE and academic performance.
Moser, Laura. “Physical Education in American Schools Is Getting Lapped.” Slate Magazine, 12 Apr. 2016,
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