Literature Review: Brief Therapy in Adult Psychiatry Essay

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This paper provides an overview of the study conducted by A.J Macdonald (1994) on Brief therapy in adult psychiatry. With thorough analysis, it expresses concerns about the structure and lack of focus in controlling the research. It outlines strengths and limitations within its core assumptions to the research model in the context of the findings and the outcome of the research. Through considering multiculturalism, family socioeconomic status and other extraneous variables, it will lead to more valid and reliable research method to help in contributing to better knowledge on the effectiveness of brief therapy.

Literature Review:
Brief therapy in adult psychiatry

With increase in interest
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Variables which could have contaminated the questionnaire results could be caused by whether the client had overcome the problem or not. Therefore, such given data must be interpreted cautiously. The case records do not reveal, for example, how precisely the resolution of target complaints was defined in the interview, how goal attainment was scaled, whether collateral interviews were conducted in individual, couple and family cases, or how demand characteristics might have colored the clients’ responses. In addition, the classification of outcome was done by consensus of the clinical team, which leaves open the possibility of a positive bias. Still, some outcome data for this approach are better than none which leads to further investigation in order to fill in some gaps. However, with the use of feedback from both the client and practitioners, it could have reduced biased, subjective opinions, as their results could be simultaneously compared to verify the validity and reliability of the obtained results. The client’s age ranged from 20 to 70 years old showing no significant age difference between male and female groups. Broad age group of adults in sample size gave more in depth and broader spectrum in understanding the effectiveness of therapy. Social class distribution of the sample differed from the local population. The duration of

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