Literature Review : Cell Phone And The Invention Of Cellular Phone

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Eddie ID #: 988192 3/19/2017 GE 2021 W05 Professor: Dr. Leah Li V. Echiverri Literature Review Since the 20th century, the development of technologies is unprecedented, and the invention of cellular phone must be the most important. Literally speaking, cellular phone totally changed the way we communicate and live nowadays. However, the biggest promotion between phone and smart phone must be application. With the various kinds of application’s launch, cell phone is no longer just as the communicate tools for people, it plays so many roles in our daily life, and because of teenagers’ curiosity, like us undergraduate, even make up an unparalleled big market of smartphone user.; in other words, today phone can be…show more content…
In 2011, it reported that a group of undergraduate students in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) use cell phones to support their informal learning. During the exploration, it found that these applications are very useful for their study though the limited quantity of academic application. From the research, it can be easily noticed that most participants engaged in a wide range of informal activities such as exchanging data between devices, posting and answering questions to a web forum and posting wiki entries. Additionally, several subordinate points inform that how mobile application could support their learning in museum settings (e.g. Sharples et al. 2007; Pierroux 2008). Lots of these results allow cell phone to enable the transaction of data. And finally promote students to continue their informal learning. Although sometimes we need to study or work on our phone, it stills not the basic need for us to handle it. There are just less than 8% of smartphone user will spend their time mostly on official application according to the Rosen (2013)’s research. Anyhow, we prefer to pastime to work, so in our spare time, we would like to use other two categories of application. 2. Living tools Varied and colorful application makes our life more convenient, and daily life is always the most complicated we have to face
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