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Background Chamberlain College of Nursing of Chamberlain University is a proprietary, healthcare institution with several campus locations across the United States. The Houston campus was established in the spring of 2011. It was the first campus in Texas and it was the eighth Chamberlain campus to open. Today, there are 3 total campuses in Texas and 20 campuses across the country. Since its establishment, the Houston campus has “helped communities throughout the state respond to the critical and growing shortage of nurses” (Chamberlain University, 2011, para. 3). From the time the new campus launched to the present, several leadership transitions have occurred. The Chamberlain Care motto is first, care for self, second, care for colleagues, and third, care for students. However, with each leadership transition, the focus of care changes. Based on colleague feedback, the current leadership team primarily focuses on faculty and desires all colleagues to primarily care for faculty as well. This shift in Chamberlain Care created conflict among faculty and staff at the Houston campus. This conflict came to a head on three different occasions: celebratory events, the clinical placement errors, and colleague recognition.
Literature Review
The Future of Conflict Resolution Brubaker, Noble, Fincher, Park, & Press (2014) assess the workplace conflict management trends in the United States over the past three decades and predict the future direction of conflict resolution.

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