Literature Review : Complicated Appendicitis

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Appendicitis occurs due to several reasons like hyperplasia of the lymphoid, bacterial/viral infection but major cause being as a result of obstruction of appendicle lumen by a faecolith (1). if not managed in time or misdiagnosed it progresses to Complicated appendicitis in form of perforation, peritonitis, formation of phlegmon and abscess and even mortality(2)(3),especially in children the rate of complication has been reported to be very high . Perforation is defined as a hole in the appendix or a faecolith in the abdomen(4) while appendicular mass develops due to walled off perforation which causes a mass when it localizes(forsyth j) and furthers to adjacent viscera and greater omentum and forms a phlegmon (5).below are images of a perforation and a faecolith . A- Hole in the appendix
B- Fecalith in abdomen

Vermiform of the appendix is approximately 5-10cm with its location at the right lower quadrant at the end of the cecum. Although being having its base at the cecum it can have abnormal positions like retroperitoneal, pelvic, extra peritoneal thus leading to different symptoms Pathophysiology
Its reported that due to obstruction of the lumen of appendix, it results to intraluminal pressure concurrently bacteria in the appendix multiply causing white blood cells recruitment, pus formation and increased intraluminal pressure, if there is persistence of the obstruction it…

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