Literature Review . Everyone Has A Cultural Identity, Which

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Literature Review Everyone has a cultural identity, which most people don’t really express the fact that they do have culture even if they’re apart of the dominant culture consisting of a middle-class protestant male that is heterosexual and Anglo-Saxon. The description of the Dominant Culture though, is not what a lot of people fit into because there are so many branches of culture that someone could define themselves as. The definition of ‘culture’ that Nino and Bode defined is this, “Culture consists of the values, traditions, worldview, and social and political relationships created, shared, and transformed by a group of people bound together by a common history, geographic location, language, social class, religion, or other shared…show more content…
With the LGBTQ community this often happens and it also happens with teachers considering many teachers try to ignore the fact some of their students may be homosexual because it’s something that they don’t see or that they chose to ignore considering its part of their student’s personal life rather than education (Nieto, S., & Bode, P. (2012). p.186). In regards to the color-blindness, many think that culture should be embraced and expressed through the education process in order to gain more acceptance through peers and the future society when students grow to be active citizen and make decisions for this country. Making acceptance of for different cultures and exposing more people and students to diversity is something that should be emphasized rather than ignoring or pretending that everyone is the same or part of the dominant culture. Gaining acceptance of the dominant culture, there have been some studies that have proven that the United States is becoming more understanding and accepting of homosexuality, but there has also been many people who do not understand how someone can be attracted to the same sex by supporting it with the religion of Christianity with context of the Bible. A

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