Literature Review: Expectancy Theory

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Running Head: Vroom’s Expectancy theory Literature Review: Vroom’s Expectancy theory Literature review: Pavel Smirnov Vroom’s Expectancy theory Word count: Advanced Writing Skills, GEN 2133 Date 07.04.2013 Contents Literature Review: 0 Literature review: 0 Pavel Smirnov 0 Vroom’s Expectancy theory 0 Advanced Writing Skills, GEN 2133 0 1 Literature review 2 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 Expectancy Theory 2 1.3 Conclusion 3 2 Reference List 5 Literature review Introduction The expectancy theory of motivation has become an increasingly popular model for predicting work performance and job preference. The empirical tests of this model have typically employed correlation analysis to…show more content…
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