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Literature Review The purpose of the study The Purpose of the study was to trace and analyze the impact of sales personnel in the used car industry. The study focuses on the current ways in which used car dealers are marketing their products in the Kingston Metropolitan area. The assessment will be done on the following areas: 1. To what extent do salesperson competence impact on profitability 2. How profitable are salespersons strategies to the company 3. How do salespersons impact on their customer 4. How important are salesperson in the sale of used cars 5. Summary In 1997-98 Jamaica spent US $205.9 million on importing 39292 vehicles. The previous year, US $263.6 million was spent to import 27335 with…show more content…
The first initiative was seminar expositions held to show case their services, with sale representative being present to deal with any quires and initiate a purchase arrangement if the need aroused. The exposition covered four major areas: health and nutrition, care of the skin/hear, plant care floral arranging, as well as creating a more security conscious woman. This effort was aimed directly at marketing Worldtron along with its used cars to the public with special emphasis being placed on women. Sales persons comprise of part of the marketing team, exerting major influence in the design of various advertisement and promotional item thus the increasing extent to which sales person are marketing their product can be seen by the number of pre-owned vehicles being advertised in the Gleaner. Vehicles of all description are placed in a special section of the Gleaner giving the price and other various specifications that the customer might deem necessary. This information is also placed in the Jamaica yellow pages and is assessable via the Internet or the telephone directory. A lot of use car dealers also advertised on local
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