Literature Review : Fruit Recognition System ( Fruitcognizer )

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Title: Fruit Recognition System (FruitCognizer)
Motivation: Not just only consists of the most delicious foods in the world, but Thailand is also one of the countries which have various of unique fruits with unique flavors as its representation. On the other hands, even if they are unique in flavors, different types of fruits could look really similar to each other. Moreover, according to, there are approximately over a thousand types of fruit around the world, and each region of the world has a different type of fruits depended on weather, soil, and temperature. Therefore, it is difficult for an individual to clearly distinguish the differences and identify each type of fruits.

To construct an image recognition system that helps humans specify a type of each fruit more accurately.
To help people differentiate and specify a type of fruits more precisely and easier.

Literature Review
Related Work:
There are several related works trying to construct a fruit recognition system for different objectives by using lots of techniques, and some of the related works are listed below. In 2010, S.Arivazhagan, R.Newlin Shebiah, S.Selva Nidhyanandhan, L.Ganesan had done their research, and they published their research named ‘Fruit Recognition using Color and Texture Features’. The objective of this project is to recognize a fruit based on four common features including intensity, color, shape, and texture of the object. Moreover,

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