Literature Review: Gender Discrimination

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BUSI 600 - Literature Review Tony Hinds Liberty University Dr. Janet Jones October 11, 2013 Abstract The purpose of this literature review is to identify, discuss, and address gender discrimination in the workplace. Due to the broad spectrum of research regarding gender discrimination, this paper will primarily focus on women and pregnancy discrimination. This paper will attempt to uncover the obstacles and challenges experienced by women as they are subjected to the employment process and, if accepted for employment, what could await them within their workplace once they begin working. The statistical data collected and compiled within this literature review will attempt to support and prove that discrimination still exists today.…show more content…
Employment Process Discrimination The one statement throughout this research that has become commonplace among researcher’s is that “the hiring process is currently the least understood aspect of the employment relationship. It may be the most important for understanding the broad processes of stratification with allocation of demographic groups to jobs and firms. The lack of knowledge is due to difficulty of assembling data on the processes that occur at the point of hire” (Petersen & Togstad, 2006). There are many improvements that could and should be made to the hiring process to ensure fairness is of the utmost importance. In the past women have predominantly worked in the home as homemakers, cooks, and housekeepers. As they began to enter the workforce in droves and compete with men for various jobs to include management level positions, they were deemed unqualified for what was thought of to be a “man’s job”. Women, when hired, were usually “relegated to front office administrative or clerical positions. They alternative to these positions would be cooks, cleaning, and childcare related positions similar to what they had been doing domestically. Employers who engaged in unfair hiring practices attempted to justify making their discriminatory

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