Literature Review : Gender Vaccine

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Literature Review
For years there have been many portrayals of gender biases in media, specifically health media. As a result, the Gardasil vaccine has been heavily targeted towards women and young girls, while the vaccine is available for both male and female genders. In doctors offices it was even referred to as the “Girl Vaccine” to further induce the stigma. When searching “girl vaccine” in search engines, HPV articles and vaccines come up as results mainly providing information targeted strictly to females. Contrary to what is believed, HPV CAN be spread by males, and there is in fact a vaccine available for male counterparts. I am studying media specifically health media and the use of gender in attempt to find out how and why media uses all female or male campaigns in their marketing/messages specifically for HPV. In this review I will discuss gender biases against women in its relation to the portrayal of HPV in media.
Gender Biases
Gender biases concerning the Gardasil vaccine typically emphasizes the theme of women needing protection when it comes to intercourse, while women are also typically held accountable for educating and protecting themselves and their partners (Thompson, 2010). Young girls and women often have to meet certain criteria and conditions to be labeled as “the responsible self-made citizen” by investing in self-managing strategies such as getting the HPV vaccine (Davis & Burns, 2014). Despite the fact that both men and women can carry HPV and
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