Literature Review : Heart Healthy Lifestyle Education Essay

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Literature Review: Heart Healthy Lifestyle Education In individuals with high risk of developing heart disease, does proper education compared to no education reduce the development of heart disease? According to a study completed in the United Kingdom, heart disease is the number one cause of death in all of the United Kingdom (Merriman, 2013). Heart disease claims the lives of several individuals every day. A common concern with heart disease in patients is nonexistence of education. Without proper education, patients do not have the understanding on how to avoid or manage heart disease from further worsening. Many impacts can be presented to decrease one’s chances of developing heart disease such as, regular exercise, healthy body weight, balanced diet, no use of tobacco, normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels (Merriman, 2013). Literature Review Impact of patient education on chronic heart failure in primary care Heart disease affects the lives of many individuals throughout the world. The therapeutic education for patients with heart failure trial targeted to decide whether a pragmatic education intervention in general practice could advance the quality of life of patients with chronic heart failure compared with routine continuation (Vaillant-Roussel et. al, 2016). The setting of this randomized study took place in fifty-four different general practices in France. The participants of the study included 241 male patients, with an average age of 74
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