Literature Review : High Census Improvement Essay

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Literature review High census Improvement Some of the issues hospitals in the world facing today are financial challenges, patient satisfaction, population health management, government mandates, and physician- hospital relations. Out of which financial impact seems to be a key issue. The financial stability of hospitals depends on managing facility capacity and core inpatient production lines. (Kobis & Kennedy, 2006) In hospitals beds are a critical resource needed to serve the patient and also it serves as a queue for needed care. Kettering Health Network uses Clinical Information System software known as EPIC (Every Patient In the Center) for maintaining electronic health records of the patients. In this review, we are looking bed management in three ways: capacity management, admissions, and discharge. Bed management performance measures In general, hospitals should pursue to: maximize throughput per bed, minimize waiting time for beds, and maximize occupancy. The above three factors will be the key things in managing the bed management issues. In hospitals, throughput is maximized when the bed cycle time is minimized. Bed cycle time represent the time between one patient is discharged and leaves the room until the next patient is discharged and leaves the room. (Hall, 2012; Kobis & Kennedy, 2006) According to R.Hall in Handbook of Healthcare System Scheduling, bed cycle time is the total sum of the following time: notification, housekeeping response, clearing,
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