Literature Review : Hiring Managers Are Hiring Caucasians For Senior Level Executive Positions Over Minority Applicants

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Hypothesis 1: Hiring managers are hiring Caucasians for Senior Level Executive positions over minority applicants.

In America, cultural sounding names are prevalent. People attribute certain cultural names with racial groups. For example, Lakisha Johnson and Jamal Wilson may be seen as names of African Americans While Emily Adams and Connor Backham, may be seen as Caucasian names. Marianne Bertrans and Sendhill Mullainathan conducted a study on race in the labor market by sending fictitious resumes to help-wanted ads in Boston and Chicago newspapers. To manipulate perceived race, resumes were randomly assigned African-American or White-sounding names before being sent to jobs around the Boston and Chicago area. White names received 50 percent more callback for interviews compared to the African-American names. They also found the racial gap to be uniform across occupation, industry and employer size. In fact, Bertans and Mullainathan found evidence that inferred social class from the names.

This study was particular interesting because it presented research as to how employers are using prejudice attitudes when extending interviews. This study aids to our research because it shows how hiring managers are denying cultural sounding names even before an interview. Despite their qualified experience, skills or education, they are overlooked therefore more attention is giving toward other applicants which could result in Caucasians being offered the
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