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Literature Review
The company I am working with, Art’NspirEd, is a digital storefront dedicated to the sale of fair-trade goods hand made by workers in third world countries, such as Nepal, Thailand and Peru (the company’s three current partners). The profits earned from premium profits are shared with these workers in order to help them make a sustainable living. However, in order to help them be successful, the company must be successful, and to do that it needs to know what products to sell to its market. This market consists of middle class to upper middle class mothers in the Kennesaw area, and later throughout the entire Southeastern region of the United States. The importance of figuring out which products to sale lies in
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More important than how long fair trade has existed, however, is why people felt that it needed to exist in the first place. Third world workers lack the means to advertise and distribute their products the way first-world, large scale corporations can. Even if their products are of equal quality to those sold by the corporations, they have no way of making that information readily known to large numbers of people, nor do they have the means to mass produce and mass ship their goods. When put at such a disadvantage, to the point where people are not even aware of their goods, how can these workers be expected to compete through straight competition? Through thinking like this, the idea of fair trade came into existence.
The rise of this practice to popularity and prominence has been a very recent phenomenon, only truly ramping up at the beginning of the 21st century. This was, largely, due to an increase in awareness of the plight of third world countries, particularly their workers. The advent of the internet allowed for consumers to become aware of problems beyond their everyday lives, leading to an increase in the empathy and social awareness of the average person. Rather than simply buying the brands that they know and identify with, consumers now felt a need to support disadvantaged laborers, and fair trade goods were the clearest way.
Perception of Fair Trade Fair trade is viewed
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