Literature Review Job Design and Workforce Diversity Improve Performance

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“In the current business environment, what role do job design and workforce diversity play in attempts to improve individual and organisational performance?” Literature Review A significant number of ideas have been offered to explain job design and workforce diversity which impacts on individual and organisational performance in business environment at the present time (Yan, Peng, & Franesco, 2011 ; Foss, Minbaeva, Pedersen, & Reinholt, 2009). Improving and developing performance will lead to goal achievements for both individuals and organisations. Organisations should do job design together with workforce diversity in order to achieve final outcomes. Both job design and workforce diversity purpose to match employees with the…show more content…
They further that after the workers get familiar with designed jobs they can feel more motivated with their works as a part of the achievement of organisation goals and as a result the employees ' performance grow up that assertively impacts the outcomes. Garg and Rastogi (2006) present the new idea of job design which is more systematic. First step is “performance analysis” which will help in describing and understanding in performance problems. Next, “root-cause analysis” which will identify causes of performance problems, “Intervention selection and design”, “implementation” and “evaluation”. Apart from the five stages, they also mention that leadership style is also important because leaders are the one that employees trust so they can motivate the performance of workers. In designed jobs, performance is get involve with every processes so that the main purpose of doing job design is to maximise performance outcomes in order to match the right people to the right positions. Designing jobs under focusing appropriate management strategies as internal organisation factors can help to create opportunities for career improvement, skill learning and creative abilities to employees. Job design can improve recruit performance, the organisation can get the person that mostly match with the
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