Literature Review. John Zachman Is The Person Who Developed

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Literature Review John Zachman is the person who developed the idea of using business system planning in areas other than the traditional ones of business systems. He thought that there should be a method that would work equally well with aircraft development, ship building, and even sales. He saw a need for this because of the ever increasing complexity of systems as they grow. John saw that there was a need for better management of these ever increasingly complex systems. It is increasingly said that Zachman Framework is not a method but an ontology of how information is collected and organized into architectural artifacts. These artifacts are organized into objects of who is the principle for this bit of information, and to what…show more content…
“Architecture is the set of descriptive representations that are required in order to create an object” (Zachman, 2007). Representations Rows representing the different perspectives on a product of the different participants (Herman, 2015). Each perspective is different for the other in that each are intended and used for a different purpose and for a different audience. This is why each cell within each row is different and the intent for each cell serves a different purpose depending on that audience and that purpose. This is not a “decomposition”… it is a series of “transformations” as each stage in the series has its own unique manifestation with unique characteristics accommodating different purposes of different participants in the reification process. (Zachman, 2007). Rows describe the processes in an increasingly complex and detailed description of the process that is to take place in completing the architecture. Moving down the rolls describe the processes in a more detailed form. Identification is the row that defines the basic and grand view of what that project or vision will be in the end of last row of the framework. This part starts and states the grand scope of what will happen or what the end product will be. This row in the framework sets a starting point that the other part build off of. Definition. This is the row that defines what the

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