Literature Review Literature On Recruitment And Selection

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2.0 Literature Review 2.1 Recruitment Recruitment and selection are very important elements that determine the prosperity and effectiveness of the organization including manufacturing companies. In this competitive business environment where employees’ recruitment and selection seems to be global agenda, well planned and managed recruitment and selection practices results into organizational positive performance outcomes. An effective approach to recruitment and selection can help an organization to maximize the competitive advantages by choosing the best pool of candidates quickly and cost efficiently (Kleiman, 2005). One of the adverse consequences of poor recruitment and selection is the possibility ofa high level of staff turnover. Recruitment and selection process begins by reviewing the need for labour and conducting a job analysis to…show more content…
Taylor and Collins (2000) commented that attracting talent is critical not only for continuous competitive advantage but also for the survival of the business. Compton, Nankervis and McCarthy (2002) said that recruitment has the function of selling the organization and projecting a favourable image of the applicant, they further said that the purpose of recruitment is to attract suitable people to apply for employment vacancies by making them aware that such vacancies exist.Davidson (2004) said that recruitment goes beyond just filling vacant job places. It is about pursuing a long term direction in mobilizing a high performance workforce with the aim of actualizing the organisations immediate goals as well as building capacity for the future.Erasmus, VanWyk and Schenk (2000) said that recruitment process consists of fourteen steps and seven stages and in each phase an application might be rejected if it does not meet the
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