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Literature reviews can be of great benefit to social work practitioners. According to the Health and Care Profession’s Council’s standards of proficiency for social workers, practitioners must ‘be able to engage in evidence-informed practice’ (HCPC, 2017. p.11). This evidence includes research knowledge (Webber, 2014). The requirement for practitioners to draw on knowledge from developments in policy, practice and research is also reflected in the Professional Capabilities Framework for Social workers in England (The British Association of Social Work, 2012). Exploring research papers can assist with this process but with the increasing amount of published research reports, one can be overwhelmed by the amount of papers to digest and consider its application (Aveyard, 2014). As a literature review gives a clear picture of all the relevant literature on a specific topic, it proves a more convenient strategy for learning about the current context regarding an area of interest. Furthermore, Webber explains that research evidence is important for social work practice as it informs our knowledge on what works and does not work for service users (2014). This suggests that practitioners should endeavour to stay up to date with their knowledge of developments in social work as part of their professional development in order to ensure they can practice effectively with service users.
I was generally interested in mental health services and while exploring this topic, I discovered a

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