Literature Review : Medical Social Workers

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Literature Review: Medical social workers collaborate with other human service workers to help severely ill patients, suffering from physical and psychological issues. Throughout the many challenges of patients, medical social workers and other professionals meet the common and severe needs of people with physical and mental illnesses. Andrews, Darnell, McBride, & Gehlert (2013) state “Social workers are familiar with the complex and overlapping systems that must be negotiated to ensure that the social, psychological and economic needs of individuals and groups are addressed in a way that underscores optimal health” (p. 67). Once the patient discuss their core issues with the medical social worker and other medical staff members at the hospital, physicians, nurses, and medical social workers can give patients ' positive feedback the concerns their health and well-being. Medical social workers interact with each other for the patient’s safety. Medical social workers network with other organizations and agencies in discussing their plans, when patients are discharged from the hospital, and discussing the patient’s care in their aftercare program. Case managers work with medical social workers as a team, helping patients to meet their goals and help patients connect with other organizations for physical, mental, and social productivity. However, some patients in hospital settings will be disconnected with medical social workers because of their interpersonal issues,
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