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Literature Review NAMI is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to change the image of mental illness and advance the care and treatments that they can receive. It was formed to change to public and professional views on the issue. The main focus is changing the characterizations of the mentally ill from negative to positive. It was founded in 1979 because the mentally ill have been historically misunderstood. In the three decades that it has been in place they have found a spot on both the public and governmental level. NAMI and other advocates created a film in 2002, A Beautiful Mind, which won an academy award for best picture. The movie is about a man that that has a mental illness and it talks about his life and how he copes with…show more content…
If this work continues it will be a great growing process for the broken mental illness system (p. 80-82). A National Survey of Mental Health Services Available to Offenders with Mental Illness: Who Is Doing What was a study conducted by Bewley and Morgan (2011). This is a study that shows prison inmates that are male with mental illness. There were participants from 165 state correctional facilities. They focused on six goals that were considered to be most important in the work. The six goals were mental illness recovery, emotions management, institutional functioning, re- entry, risk-need, and personal growth. Within the goals they provided services that were effective across 4 key treatments. The treatments were mental illness, skill development, behavioral functioning and criminogenic needs. Individual therapy was the most popular type of facilitations that was seen across the board. One example was stress and anger management, with 50 and 58 percent of the people choosing and liking the individual therapy. NAMI would be able to step in with lives of the prisoners. There could possibly be a higher percent for both therapies rather than just one (p. 351-363). In the article, Changing Stigmatizing Perceptions and Recollections about Mental Illness: The Effects of NAMI’s In Our

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