Literature Review Of Domestic Violence On Children

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Literature Review: Domestic Violence in the Home and its Effects on Children Domestic violence has grown to become a prevalent issue within households in the United States. Being such a great issue, we come to question the percentage of children affected and the impact it has on their social development and interaction with others. It is crucial for us to understand and recognize the long term effects that domestic violence can have on adolescents. In a study conducted by Mark Cummings and his colleagues, he proved that despite their age, infants are still well aware of their surroundings. In the same study Cummings proved “20- month-old toddlers showed increased amounts of aggression with their playmates after they had been exposed to anger or loud arguing between adults.” (Groves 187). This study relates back to the idea that exposure to domestic violence at a young age can greatly impact a child's way of interacting with others (187). Cummings continues to talk about the long term psychological effects that domestic violence can have adolescence. “They[researchers] were curious to learn more about what stresses might be most strongly correlated with the child's diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They found two factors to be the strongest predictors: a history of sexual abuse and witnessing chronic domestic violence. In fact, exposure to domestic violence seemed to be more harmful overall” (Groves 189). This statement alone shows that exposure to domestic
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