Literature Review Of Literature On Parental Involvement In Education

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Literature Review for Parental Involvement in Education Throughout the research of journals there has been a major concern for the lack of involvement in education for parents. Parents play a crucial role in the instructional experiences of their children (Bracke & Corts, 2012). Schools cannot succeed without the help of parents. So, if that is a known, why are parents not more involved in their children’s education? There is a connection amongst these journals that relates the constant interaction with parents, teachers, and their children. Much of the research has been focused on the earlier years of schooling, but it does relate to older children as well as a progression. Parents can model appropriate behaviors and positive attitudes towards schools by taking an active interest in their child’s schooling and thereby demonstrating their own valuing of education (Chen & Gregory, 2009). Through gathered information on the journals the studies have shown that students whose parents are more involved in their education earn higher grades, have better attendance, and have fewer discipline problems than do their peers whose parents are less involved (Larocque, Kleiman, & Darling, 2011). When looking at these specific journals that relate to the topic, the question is always what I am looking towards solving is: Does parental involvement such as school-related activities, encouragement in academic success significantly predict variance in students overall performance in
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