Literature Review Of Related Literature On Logistics Management

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Review of related literature gives a basis for any research. Unfortunately, there are not much studies conducted in this field of Logistics Management. Following are the available related studies undergone in the area of Logistics Management.
Chang-Ing and I-Jin (1999) show the relation between average logistics cost per item, consumer demand and the interrelationship between them are analyzed. Commodities are distributed through a depot directly or through single intermediate terminal to many retail establishments. Minimizing average logistics cost, or maximizing total supply subject to the demand- supply equality determines the optimal density of retail establishments and local terminals. The envelope curves for the optimal configuration strategies corresponding to different values of total market area and terminal cost are derived.
Aronsson et al (2000) have developed a template for a logistics education course. The template addresses functional, process and supply chain needs. The template is currently being prototyped with the principle of ‘gestalt’- the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.
Outi (2000) studied logistics costs of industrial enterprises in a supply chain. The following aspects of logistics
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An effective global supply chain (GSC) management seeking to secure market share. Global third-party logistics (3PL) has developed into an alternative for the needs of global collaboration. In this, the authors present a new application of collaboration in Global Supply Chain execution, namely collaborative transportation management (CTM) that can reduce delivery time and to improve delivery reliability. A case study is illustrated the application of CTM by a 3PL provider in a notebook computer GSC. The implementation results show that the delivery cycle time and the total cost are simultaneously
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