Literature Review Of Self-Service Technology In The Hotel Industry

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Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction According to Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2012), literature review is able to generate and improve the research idea, also develop a deeper understanding of the relevant research. Additionally, Hart (2002) stated in report, without literature reiew, the key issues of the study will be indistinct. Nowadays, the development of technology is advancing at a rapid pace. As the growing numbers of customers demand technology to consume services, hotel industry is increasing their investment on technology dimension in order to enhance the service quality, thus, increase customers’ satisfaction (Camison, 2000; Meuter et al., 2000). Self-service technologies (SSTs) are technological interfaces that allow customers to create service outcomes independently, without employee involvement (Ding, Verma and Iqbal, 2007). Examples of SSTs include…show more content…
Therefore, since there are only two results: satisfied and dissatisfied, service performance becomes an important factor of influencing customer perception and experience. 2.4 Relationship between SSTs and customer satisfaction The rapid development of technology has brought lots of changes to travellers nowadays (Mo Kwon, Bae and Blum, 2013). Research by Ong (2010), SSTs could also satisfy customer expectation. Once customer had frustrating experience of traditional service delivery with company employees, for example long waiting queues, they would prefers turning towards SSTs (Kasavana, 2008). Therefore, there are more hotels adopting SSTs to increase their customer service quality, which can lead to customer satisfaction, thus, customer
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