Literature Review Of The Disadvantages Of Fast Food In Preschool Children

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Review of the Literature

Chinese children suffer from a high rate of obesity and overweight, and the spread of obesity has continued to rise over the past few years. Excessive consumption of fast food in preschool children has been one of multiple contributing factors driving the overweight and obese epidemic. This literature review summarizes the disadvantages of fast food on preschool children
The effect of environment on family and child consuming of fast food and type of diet followed by family the effect of western style and dieses associated with it recommendations that can help reduce the consumption of fast food and increase nutrition education that have been already done
Fast food is a Huge Products food that is prepared and served
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In 2016, a study was conducted in China on the environment and unhealthy behaviors within the home and its impact on weight gain in children. This study included a group of parents and their children who Ages 3-6 years. Lectures were organized for parents on their effective role in changing unhealthy behaviors and creating a healthy environment for their children. Parents encouraged for four months behavioral health interventions and monitored during this period, the results showed that the consumption of Western fast food, sweetened beverages, fried foods decreased in children after behavioral…show more content…
The first study shows that importance of teaching the parents and children about the eating habits, patterns, its focus on what to eat and how to eat. Also, they focus on the common reasons of increasing fast food consumption are the urban life, media and TV, and poor knowledge of nutrition from parents, these reasons may cause of decreased of appetite and refuse eating of healthy food that prepared in the house. This study is conducted by pour abolished in 2014 in Iran it's about effective of nutrition education on the knowledge and practice of children regarding too fast food intake. The result shows that decreases in fast food consumption among these
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