Literature Review Of Tourism In Ethiopia

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Chapter Two
2. Literature Review
2.1. Overview of Ethiopian Tourism Sector
2.1.1 Tourism in Ethiopia
MoCT (2006) as cited in Meserat G (2011, p.17) states that: Ethiopia is one of the countries of sub Saharan Africa, which is gifted with a variety of unique features which includes; natural, wildlife, historical and cultural heritages, impressive landscape, suitable climate, rich flora and fauna and recognized archaeological sites. Of the gifted features of the country includes Axum’s obelisks, the monolithic churches of Lalibala, Gondar's castles, the Omo Valley, Hadar, the Semien National Park, Bale mountain national park and the city of Harrar. The physical features of the country which incorporates high plateau, long mountain ranges, lofty
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Undertaking promotional work through the creation of strong market Ties in order to become competitive on the international market
According to Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2012, p.12-15) Ethiopian National Tourism Development Policy (NTDP) includes 5 pillars which are: 1. Integrated tourism development and stakeholder; Ethiopia’s tourism sector is a major employment generator, especially for women, it can generate even more employment 2. Variety, scale and quality of tourism products targets to be met GTP
3. Infrastructure development; Tourism faces a combination of hard and soft infrastructure bottlenecks. To address these bottlenecks, it is important for tourism strategies to be anchored in and integrate existing infrastructure plans and to include innovative partnerships with the private sector, including Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). 4. Branding, promotion, and awareness raising; the negative image of Ethiopia is persistent; therefore it is an urgent need to develop a competitive and unique country image through the developing brand and marketing strategy.
5. Human resources capacity building; the critical gap between tourism work force supply and demand and the limited private sector investment in tourism training are crippling the sector’s
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