Literature Review On Adolescent Parenthood

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Adolescent parenthood has been an issue of public concern for many years. Adolescent parenthood has been the subject of numerous articles, public health reports, and public debate. So what makes adolescent parenthood such a popular topic of discussion and a reoccurring social problem? How does an adolescent parent relate to such public issues as education, poverty, and family? Researchers conduct literature reviews and original research in an effort to find a resolution to decrease adolescent pregnancy/parenthood and methods to improve the quality of life for adolescent parents. Although these articles share many themes and patterns, often their reason for conducting the research, methods, conclusion, and belief regarding adolescent…show more content…
These articles provided background surrounding the educational aspirations of adolescent parents, but also providing the negative consequences some adolescent mothers experienced while attempting to continue their education. Nonetheless, these articles described the desire of adolescent parents to obtain a high school education, although doing so was not a reality for some of the subjects in these articles. Benson (2004), Braubaker & Wright (2006), Zachry (2005) each used qualitative methods, while Dunkle (1990) & Weatherley (1991) used quantitative methods. Articles written by Berry, Shillington, Peak, & Hohman (2000) and Campa & Eckenrode (2006) also addressed the high school attainment of adolescent parents; however, these articles were less positive in their descriptions of adolescent parents. These articles, Berry et. al in particular, described the continued education of adolescent parents as almost impossible and a milestone that was not desired of adolescent parents.
The role of social work professions and the public welfare system was a theme that was found in almost all of the articles reviewed. Surprisingly, majority of the articles agree that social work professionals were essential in the lives of pregnant and
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