Literature Review On Brand Image

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Literature Review:
Manfred Bruhn Verena Schoenmueller Daniela B. Schäfer, (2012) analyzed that brand equity is now created in the mind of the consumer through Social media. He used SEM for interpretation of 393 data sets from different industries and found that both social and traditional media have significant impact on brand trust and equity. But firm-created social media communication and consumer participation have shown an important impact on Brand Image, Brand Trust and influence on hedonic brand image.

Seung-A Annie Jin, (2012), used SEM for analysis of potential of social media for luxury brand management and found dynamics relationship among consumer’s perception of value expressive and social adjusted functions of luxury brand satisfaction
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The Empirical data was collected by web based questionnaire filled by 236 respondent. A structural equational model was used to test e-loyalty model. The study revealed that brand awareness effects brand image which directly or indirectly influence the brand emotional attachment and brand evaluation the total effects of brand awareness and brand image suggest that higher awareness level and positive image encourage OSN users to be more loyal. The study further found that there is no as such difference between the conceptualization and loyalty and how brand create loyalty either by offline or online…show more content…
Their findings demonstrate that engagement with a Facebook fan page has positive effects on consumers’ brand awareness, WOM activities and purchase intention. Results further indicate that annoyance with the fan page leads to negative effects in respect to the overall commitment to and involvement with the fan page and WOM. The authors’ research shows that social media activities indeed affect the purchase decision-making
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