Literature Review On Child Abuse

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Dalessio and Stolzenburg peer-reviewed article study is about children who suffers abuse from the hands of their stepparents and whether it has anything to do with the community they live in. The two researchers mentioned that stepchildren are more likely to be abused than biologically children. Dalessio and Stolzenberg also talks about that a stepchild is more likely to be abused where communities lack social and academic resources. The article also talks about how a stepchild’s biological parent cohabitating with another relationship partner other than their divorce spouse which can lead to a high risk of child abuse. The researchers did a study using the national incident-based reporting system (NIBRS) to look at the effects that child abuse have on stepchildren.

In the peer-reviewed empirical study, Dennison and other researchers studied how childhood maltreatment can have on mental health. Researchers used a neurobiological perspective to study the effects of mental health that it have on children by looking at the reward system and social cues in the basal ganglia. An FMRI study was used in the article to examine the basal ganglia to look at the associations between emotional neglect and abuse. The article also used a longitudinal sample of adolescents to see if they’ve been exposed to child abuse or maltreatment. Dennison and researchers stated the children who did suffer from any form of child abuse were at high risk for depression and other mental health problems
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