Literature Review On Civil War And Genocide

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2. Literature Review In the completion of this research project research a wide variety of literatures will be reviewed. Broadly, the focus will be on violence including civil wars and genocide, and the international community’s response to violence, focusing both on the theory that unpins response and then more specifically on UN missions and their effectiveness. The literature on violence does not form a cohesive body, rather, for each form of violence there is a distinct literature, and often these literatures do not cross pollinate. For the interest of this literature review a brief review of the literatures available on civil war and genocide will be considered, followed by a brief review of the literature on the response to conflict by the UN. Civil War One thing that the literature on civil war agrees upon, is that there is much disagreement on what civil war is. Amalendu Misra (2008) begins his book Politics of Civil Wars by demonstrating the amount of discord within the academic community on the topic; he provides numerous similar yet different definitions or civil wars over the years and outlines numerous criteria that differ civil wars from other types of violence that may occur within a country, such as coup d’état’s or revenge killings. Misra notes that due to the varied perspectives “there exists a mélange of interpretations on the nature and character of civil war there is no commonly agreed position. Given this complexity it is hard to suggest one
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