Literature Review On Communication Satisfaction

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LITERATURE REVIEW Communication Satisfaction

Engin and Akgöz (2013) explains communication satisfaction as a criteria or a theory constructing concept about the upward and downward communication among executives and employees containing work related information. They state that when an employee is satisfied with the communication within the organization, it is expected that they will perform and be at their best. However, misunderstandings from the inability of managers to communicate effectively to their subordinates lead to poor performance (Chitrao, 2014). According to Greenbaum, Clampitt, and Willihnganz (1988), the Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire has been proven to be the most widely used method to measure organizational communication satisfaction. Downs and Clampitt developed the questionnaire and eventually did a critical review on studies of communication satisfaction (as cited in Engin and Akgöz, 2013) and Zwije-Koning & De Jong (2007) evaluated the communication satisfaction questionnaire and compared it to the critical incident technique to see which method is better to measure communication satisfaction. They mention that employee attitude and judgment in many communication practices are the main focus of the questionnaire as these factors show the influence of communication satisfaction on employee behavior.
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The eight dimensions are communication climate, supervisory communication, organizational integration, media quality, horizontal or informal communication, organizational perspective, relationship with subordinates and personal feedback. The researchers felt that the most

Although stated as a good method to measure communication satisfaction (Zwije-Koning & De Jong, 2007), they believe that it is not recommended for diagnosing communication problems and generating recommendations. Employee
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