Literature Review On Customer Loyalty

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LITERATURE REVIEW The Concept of Customer Loyalty Arguably, in a competitive business environment, competition pits one company against another in their struggle to attract and retain customers. Organizations like the hotel industry whose service depend on building long term relationship need to concentrate on maintaining customer’s loyalty in other to retain the customer. Extant literature is replete with concept of customer loyalty (Heskett & Sasser 2010; Eshghi, Haughton & Topi 2007; Bolton 2000; Gronroos & Hadbrook 1994). According to Jones, Earl and Sasser (1995) and Anderson and Jacobsen (2000) as cited by Adeleke and Aminu (2012), customer loyalty is customer repeating purchase intention to some specific products or services in the future or the result of an organization’s creating a benefit for customers so that they will maintain and increasingly repeat business with the organization. Furthermore, loyalty is used to describe the willingness of a customer to continue patronizing a firm’s goods and services over a long period of time and on a repeated and preferably exclusive basis, and voluntarily recommending the firm’s products to friends and associates. It is making customers feel committed: When the benefits are meaningful to them, they will stay on (Adeleke & Aminu 2012; Lovelock 1996) Factors Influencing Customers Loyalty Extant literature is replete with factors influencing customers' patronage in different industries including hotels. According to Poku,
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