Literature Review On Discipline Of Teams

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1.0 Introduction
As the article of journal is The Discipline of Teams, the article itself has reflected the purpose and content of the journal as well as illustrate and deliver to the readers the authors' ideas and point of view around the term "team". In order to enhance high performance, through the article, the authors' intention is to demonstrate how teams can create impact on effectiveness and high performance of an organization by emphasis on the actual definition of team, differentiate team from other terms such as working group or project group, explain what is discipline of team and the benefit of it, identify the elements, values and requirements to build a successful team and gain value from teamwork. Furthermore, the article also pointed out the possible issues of team and challenges that might come up when building team or during the team performance process.
2.0 Body
As the authors mentioned in the journal, the word "team" was taken lightly since people use it too often and does not have a clear understanding about the word. To emphasize and consolidate their argues about team as well as differentiate team from group, the authors addressed the differences between team and group as for groups, the individual accountability and goals are always emphasized but in teams, individuals are required to have both individual
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Depend on the circumstances, managers will decide the most suitable type of teams to ensure the output quality of the works as well as individuals’ contribution. Although diversity in teams can be effective because it enhances the team's innovation and a great resource of idea, skill, knowledge and information, however, diversity in teams still have some negative effects such as communication-related issues between team members, conflicts arise due to different perspective and ways of
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