Literature Review On Dual Relations

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Literature Review about Rural Non-Sexual Dual Relations This paper will examine the problems of dual relationships. The issues of dual relationships have gained a significant amount of attention. It is understood that dual relations are one of the most noted violations of the ethical principles of social workers (Halverson & Brownlee, 2010, p. 249). Dilemma Definition In the field of social work, you will deal with clients ranging with various issues that you will be helping them with. When dealing with them it is very important to maintain a professional relationship with boundaries always to avoid the risk of putting yourself in an unethical situation like a dual relationship. According to Barker (2005, p.131), when you are dealing…show more content…
The formation of dual relationships is taken into consideration as a boundary issue (Carney & McCarren 2012, p.11). Boundaries or boundary crossing is just a method to provide an explanation for the career of what social people can and cannot do consistently with the guidelines and policies concerning the appropriate well-being of themselves, customers, profession and the agency in rural areas. Bounds can be crossed by simply involving your personal life with a client. Although it could possibly be helping the client it can produce mixed results, therefore making it a fine line. When a social worker engages in a dual relationship with a client that is deceptive and manipulative, according to Daley and Hickman (2011), ethical problems of this kind fall under the standard class of boundary violations that bounds each sexual and non-sexual relationships among social worker and clients. However, the non-sexual dual relationship dating is the number one involved boundary violations in the rural area. The similarities between these two lines are that they both tell about how the ethical perspective of dual relations are not always sexual and that is not always the focus even though it is one of the unethical violations of being a social worker. Non-Sexual Dual Relationships A professional makes their way into a dual relationship each time he or she involves a second function with a
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