Literature Review On Epistemology

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Literature Review During the 1970’s there was a surge in debate and practice of employee share ownership schemes. While the benefits have been highlighted throughout various literatures since then, there has is still a continued interest in the topic to date. As seen through the literature, ESOP’s can be implemented in almost any company in any sector. There are various opinions on what exactly the benefits of ESOP’s are, while some feel they reduce the risk of trade dispute between unions and companies others think their benefit is quite futile. According to Pendleton et al (2001), initiatives to extend employee financial participation were among the most significant developments in human resource management during the 1990s, but in the…show more content…
Ontology refers to the researches assumptions about the reality of life, specifically, whether reality exists independent of an individual or if it is merely the product of one’s own mind. As a result it can be viewed through objectivism or subjectivism. This paper was conducted through a subjective approach with the belief that it is necessary to study the detail of a situation in order to see what is happening. Epistemology refers to the researcher’s assumptions about the nature of knowledge. Specifically, epistemology is concerned with possibilities, nature, sources and limitations of knowledge in the field of study. Positivism and Anti-Positivism are the two streams of this area of research philosophy. Positivism tends to be grounded in objectivity and regulation. Through the use of theory and hypotheses various tests are usually carried out and are either confirmed or refuted in order to assist further development. Anti-Positivism upholds the belief that the social world can only be comprehended from the point of view of the individuals involved in the activity which is being studied. Hence, it is more subjective in nature. As a result, the philosophy behind the epistemological approach of this paper was
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