Literature Review On Food Packaging In Tanzania

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2.5.3 Empirical Literature Review Tanzania In Tanzania, there are various research studies on the impact of packaging as a tool of attracting customers. Also, its importance made government to set a platform of setting and improving the packaging standards at the Ministry of Trade and Industry under Packaging Technology Center (PTC). The least we can report here, is the deliberations made by stakeholders in the East African Community (EAC) Dried Fruits and Vegetables Region Stakeholders Workshop in Morogoro 2010, it was felt that for a Tanzanian business to penetrate into foreign markets the aspects of packaging are vital Mmari, Safari, and Lwelamira, (2015 conducted research on important of packaging functions of containing, promoting and facilitating the storage and use of products, thus influencing consumer’s purchase decision. The aims of the study were (i) to assess consumers’ perceptions of packaging attributes and (ii) to check the influence of packaging related attributes on the purchase decision of processed cereal products. A Sample of 300 respondents was drawn randomly from the selected consumers of food processed by women settings in Dodoma Municipality in 2014. A Likert four point scale used for respondents to rate independents and dependent variables. The…show more content…
Data will be analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences program version 16. Results show factors of product protection, hygiene, product information and branding have a significance influence buying decision. These results underscore the significance along with specific characteristics of packaging materials for durability, good shape for grip, attractive, easy to open and close after use, and recyclability and degradability. In general the results indicated that packaging is important for fulfilling the many functions related to logistics and marketing of food

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