Literature Review On Gifted Education

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An Exploratory Literature Review: Trends in Early Childhood Gifted Education
First Phase Research Results
My interest gifted education started, when I reflected on my teaching experience and philosophy. Before start pursuing my master degree in the US, I was a kindergarten teacher. During my practice in a public school kindergarten classroom, I had a very bright student who immediately picked up cues that I gave about the activity of the day. She was quickly and correctly finishing the basic math activities. In addition, she was very creative during the art activities. She also demonstrated leadership skills among her classmates. While I was evaluating her, I attributed her success to her family environment. Compared to her classmates, she had very attentive parents. Moreover, she was the last child of the family and her older two siblings were academically successful role models for her. Most importantly, she also attended preschool before she started kindergarten; therefore, her performance was higher compared to classmates who did not have these same experiences. Once I become familiar with advance courses in gifted education, I now realize and feel my mistake, which was either not to consult schools guidance counselor or learn more how to engage her with different type of activities. Therefore, as a part of my professional development, I wanted to focus on the teacher role in the early childhood gifted education. However, I had very little knowledge about
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