Literature Review On Indoor Cycling

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Tigno, Mark Lewis S. 11147512 BRIEF REVIEW Topic: Indoor Cycling (Spinning) Population: Athlete/Non-Athlete INTRODUCTION Indoor cycling workout is a good way to get in to working out like burning of calories and keeping in shape especially during off-season. This kind of workout requires a high tolerance for exercise bikes and being around other people who also share the same habit in order to have a relevant workout. To further describe indoor cycling, it is done inside a fitness studio with various music settings to have an energetic atmosphere. There is also a guide in order to have workout phases like warm-ups, steady up-tempo cadences, sprints, climbs, and cool-down. The participant has the control of the resistance on the bike to make the pedals as easy or as difficult depending on what he or she…show more content…
According to Muyor (2013) Indoor cycling classes are usually very demanding because this activity is viewed as an exercise where a large number of calories is burned. Therefore, a lot of sedentary people participate in this activity in order to lose weight; it is a motivating activity for them. In this sense, Valle et al. (2009; 2010) reported that indoor cycling associated with a restricted diet is an excellent option in controlling obesity and serum lipids. EFFECTS Positive According to the studies found below, indoor cycling can reduce the body mass, fat percentage and body mass index in 12 weeks of intervention and liquid intake does not affect the capacity of work in indoor cycling. Indoor cycling is a great exercise for all age groups. One of the main obvious reason is that it lets you stay indoor and still you get the benefits of
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