Literature Review On International Business

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Literature Review Each year, many companies resort to or consider expanding abroad. Sensing a need for guidance, a number of authors have written and expressed their opinion on what it takes to succeed when expanding a business overseas. Lists of suggestions and tips on how to deal with issues such as culture as well as the laws in target countries have been made available to businesses. The following research articles were reviewed to obtain some knowledge of the factors that need to be considered when expanding a business internationally. The issues examined involve culture, foreign laws regulation, political risks, as well as market structure and competition. Based on this literature review, we were able to give profound advice on whether the company should actually consider expanding the business to Europe.
Communication and Cultural barriers Communication with individuals from different cultures can be challenging. Therefore, developing proficiency in cross-cultural communication skills is essential for businesses looking to expand abroad. Cebuc and Oisif (2008) stress on how communication is important in the business world, since it’s a means of establishing relationships with suppliers, partners and even the customers. The writers recommend that expanding businesses to try and adapt to the business styles of the overseas country. For instance in some northern European countries, the natives are more straight forward and prefer to not waste time talking about
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