Literature Review On Juvenile Delinquents

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Literary Review: Juvenile Delinquents (Born not Made)
Family Risk Factors
There is no trait or hereditary gene for disorderly conduct or violence. Violence and being inscribable is a learned behavior. That behavior is learned early on and is highly detrimental during the developmental years of a child, and the persons that the child learns their behavior from is their parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, and anyone who has a common interaction with that child as they are growing up. (Sagepub 2011) The more the child is exposed to violence and exposed to a certain level of violence determines how aggressive that child with behave. They are more likely to engage in aggressive behavior if that is the case and are more likely to become a victim or victimizer.
The home is where most of all these things take place. It is a breeding ground for violent for violent behavior. Children who see people in their family abused, mostly their parents or other family members are more likely to see violence as a way to solve problems. (Sagepub 2011)
Family History
There are multiple categories under family history that could affect a child being a juvenile delinquent. Social Practices. The way the family socialized with the community or other people impacts the way it teaches the child to interact socially with other people. Which leads them down a slippery slope of awkwardness.
Bad supervision of the child. If the parents aren’t tracking what the child is doing as he/she is growing
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