Literature Review On Online Shopping

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2. Literature Review
2.1. Online shopping
Dentzel (2017) in an article highlighted that the use of the Internet has completely transformed the way people live and has revolutionized almost all fundamental aspects of daily life. It has allowed access to limitless information and became a tool that made everyday communication in an instant. Among the many opportunities created by internet is the emergence of electronic commerce (e-Commerce). Online shopping is a development brought by the e-Commerce and progress of internet.
Pannu and Tomar (2010) defined online shopping as a process of shopping which is done through the internet. Customers go through this process to purchase products or services over the internet. Online shopping is done through …show more content…

It is the fulfillment response of customers for the provided service or product on a gratifying level of consumption-related fulfillment. While from the firm’s perspective, customer satisfaction is a key that can ensure continued profitability brought by word of mouth and track reports of overseeing organizations. It is essential to fully understand the significant factors influencing customer satisfaction for online firms and marketers to do what they are supposed to do vis-à-vis their online customers.
Khristianto, Kertahadi and Suyadi (2012) emphasized that customer satisfaction can be achieved if the final deliverable especially experience meets or surpasses customer’s expectations. In this context, customer satisfaction is regarded as a result of comparison between the consumption expectation and experience.
Kliem (2015) added that in order to satisfy the customers, their requirements and needs to address that satisfaction should be met and concluded that inability to determine the customer requirements will merely result in customer dissatisfaction. It is therefore important to identify the activities and needs that customers consider indispensable to attain the required level of

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