Literature Review On PID Controller

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Chapter 2 Literature Review Theory and law PID Controller PID controller is one of the methods for temperature control and is widely used in process control industry due to simple design and easy to implement in industrial [1]. PID controller consists of three controllers, which is proportional (P) controller, Integral (I) controller, and derivative (D) controller [2]. The equation for output of the PID control can be described as: u(t)=K(e(t)+ 1/T_i ∫_0^t▒〖e(τ) dτ+ T_(d ) de(t)/dt〗) [2] Which e is the control error, K is the proportional (P) gain, Ti is the integral (I) time, and Td is the derivative time. Figure 1 shows the PID controller design using operational amplifier (op-amp). Figure 1: PID controller design [3] Proportional controller functions as to stabilize the unstable process [4]. The objective of…show more content…
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