Literature Review On Police Brutality

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Literature Review
Police and community relations has always been a work in progress, some communities are more challenging than others. There are various factors that impact the relationship police have with civilians such as geographical location, race, gender, personal experience and in personal ones as well. In the last few years police and the African American community on a national level been more disconnected due to a pattern of unforeseen circumstances of unarmed black men being shot and killed by officers, that end up serving no jail or repercussion besides paid administrative leave. Police brutality is defined by The Law Dictionary as the use of force used unnecessarily. “Force that is used beyond what is necessary to handle the
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Police Brutality Against African Americans Many factors affect how and why African American perception is negative some underlining factors are face to face encounters, procedural justice, historical as well as having a positive interaction with an officer (Weitzer,2015). African American that being stopped and spoken to in a demeaning manner, lack of explanation to why they were stopped and inability to ask questions and explain what happen impacted their feelings. Though positive interactions help the general it does not necessarily help because they are outside influence such as the media and accounts of family and friends. (Jacob, 1971, Skogan 2016, Weitzer,2015). Racial Bias are a direct correlation to police violence against African Americans, stereotypes perpetuated by social constructions and media representation along with individual prejudice help by police officers view African Americans as a threat especially African American men. Police trust this ideology of “threat” to assist in their use of excessive force against African Americans to comply. (Tyler, 2011; Tyler et al., 2015, Skinner, Haas,2016).
Police Brutality and African American Men In recent years the killings of African American men have increased, especially those of unarmed black men. Between 2010 and 2012 it was reported that Blacks males were 21 times more likely to be
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