Literature Review On Social Media

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Social media in today’s sociality has become our primary means of communicating. It has also become the most inexpensive way to market and promote argues Chu & Du (2017). More studies argue that social media has simplified the way to connect to students, and offers the quickest way to for universities and colleges to spread information to students (Chu & Du, 2013). Che & Du (2013) also argues that social media is catching on within academic libraries around the globe. Their research showed that 71.1% of academic libraries were already using social media to connect and engage with students (Chu & Du, 2013). While Stvilla & Gibradze (2017) agrees, they also state how important it is for librarians to stay updated with the latest trends of social media to connect with students. While connecting with students is a very important in marketing events, it’s just as important to ensure these events are marketable to students, that spark interest. (Andrews, 2014).
In this research paper, I will further explore academic library events and the influence that social media has on these events. Interest on this research started from Bodnar & Mathews (2008) article on relationships between school newspapers and their academic libraries. From the finding in their research, they found that 25% of articles that mentioned the library were about library events and displays (Bodnar & Mathews, 2008). From this information, I further explore the 25% of library events, and found a
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